Sen. Heitkamp: North Dakotans Support BLM Methane Standards

North Dakotans support the Bureau of Land Management’s efforts to curb the wasteful practices of flaring, venting, and leaking of natural gas on public and tribal lands.

Based on 2015 a survey commissioned by Dakota Resource Council and Decotah Chapter of the Sierra Club:

  • 51% of North Dakotan’s believe that oil companies flare off more natural gas than they should and largely reject the idea that stricter controls will harm the economy,
  • 65% favor requiring oil companies to pay royalties to landowners, and
  • 58% favor requiring oil companies to pay taxes on flared gas.

This rule will benefit the people of North Dakota by:

  • Decreasing the amount of natural gas that is unnecessarily wasted through venting, flaring and leaks,
  • Reducing drilling-related air pollution, and
  • Increasing royalty revenues for both state and tribal governments.

BLM’s standards will help end the waste of more than $330 million of natural gas each year from federal and tribal minerals by the oil and gas industry.

Take a moment to add your name to the list of those letting Senator Heidi Heitkamp know that we need the No Waste Rule to curb methane waste for a healthier North Dakota.