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Oil and gas development has far-reaching implications for the farmers, ranchers, Native Americans, and other community members who live in its midst. Communities across the West face increased truck traffic, elevated crime, and strained local economies, not to mention lost property values and agricultural viability, and threats to public health. In particular, the flaring, venting, and leaking of natural gas from oil and gas wells and processing equipment harms local residents’ quality of life and poses real threats to their health.

Living with Oil and Gas tells the stories of impacted individuals across the West, in their own words, from the heart of the Bakken oil fields and the Fort Berthold Reservation, to the natural gas fields and the frontline communities of Colorado’s Western Slope.


WORC is a regional network of grassroots community organizations that include 12,200 members and 40 local chapters. WORC’s network includes: Dakota Resource Council (North Dakota); Dakota Rural Action (South Dakota); Idaho Organization of Resource Councils; Northern Plains Resource Council (Montana); Oregon Rural Action; Powder River Basin Resource Council (Wyoming); Western Colorado Congress; and Western Native Voice.

WORC’s mission is to advance the vision of a democratic, sustainable, and just society through community action. WORC is committed to building sustainable environmental and economic communities that balance economic growth with the health of people and stewardship of their land, air, and water.